Treadmill Belts

Premium grade treadmill belt

All sizes, for residential and commercial treadmills

treadmillbelt2sMobile Treadmill Repairs supplies high quality treadmill belts for domestic and commercial treadmills of any size.

Our treadmill belt is made utilising advanced materials to reduce friction and wear, they are the lightest belts on the market reducing the drag placed on your treadmills motor. The lightness also extends the life of the belt.

The replacement treadmill belt is manufactured using a polyurethane top layer and tight polyester weave under-layer. The seams are diagonally cut, guaranteeing a larger and stronger bonding area, which will prolong the life of the belt.

Do not opt for treadmill belts that use cheaper manufacturing methods, such as rubber top layer, horizontal bonds and loose weave.


Why you should use Mobile Treadmill Repairs replacement treadmill belt:

Reduce friction and wear

Reduce drag placed on treadmill motor

Lightest belts on the market

Utilise advance materials to increase longevity


How to measure the belt size

In order for us to supply a treadmill belt for your treadmill, you will be required to measure your belt accurately, there are two options available:

1. Cut your walking belt with scissors in the middle of the belt
2. Slide the belt out from the treadmill and lay it flat on the floor
3. Measure the length from end to end
4. Measure width from side to side
1. Using a tape measure, measure the exact width of the walking belt.
2. To measure the length with the belt remaining on the treadmill, there are two methods available. If you have adjusted the belt as far as you can, return the belt to normal tension before measuring the belt.
1. Unplug treadmill from power point.
2. Remove the motor cover from the treadmill.
3. Feed the tape measure underneath the front roller.
4. Once you have the tape measure out the back end and extending from the rear roller, pull the tape around and measure with the tape pulled tight and you have the length. The assistance of a friend is helpful in this process.
Another method is to use a piece of twine or string. Nylon twine or a similar type of string that won’t stretch is required. Cotton string is inadequate because it will stretch when you pull it out and will give you an inaccurate measurement.
1. Tape one end of the string to the walking belt and rotate the belt completely around till the loop of string is complete.
2. Cut the string exactly at the end of the loop.
3. Remove the string from the treadmill and lay in a straight line.
4. Measure the full length of the string, this is the length of the belt.
Alternatively, we can arrange for one of our technicians to visit your premises and measure the treadmill belt dimensions.


Premium Grade Treadmill Belt


Delivery Australia wide – $15.00

Installation at your premises including free treadmill maintenance – $120.00

Commercial treadmill belt – $299.00

Order Treadmill Belt

Belt type/use?

Residential ($130) Commercial ($239) 

Treadmill details

Belt size known?

Yes No 

Technician required to measure belt?  Yes No

Belt installation required? Yes No